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Thats me in a nut shell really I have worked hard to get where I am now, successful

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Here's a brief working history of myself as well as the range of works that I cover.

Hello thank you for visiting my site, here as follows is a brief history of my working career.

I started as a young apprentice in the early eighties working for a very reputable roofing company

this was the era when there was a dramatic up turn in the country's economic fortunes with a new government

encouraging grants for there property's with a lot of the grants being roofing ones of which my then boss of

company was inundated with work of which gave me the ideal opportunity to learn my skills very well as well as very

so much so I was in a position to be able to start my own company of which I did at the tender age of 19,

 since then I have been very fortunate to work on many projects from the smallest to the very grandest.

These are a few of my working projects,

Re roofing of village halls working with various association's.

Church roofs many and varied.

Working on private school roofs.

Working with local authorities for listed work as well as on the care and repair scheme for the senior sector of our community.

Roof work on show roofs at Chelsea flower show.

Being part of a team that worked on the popular grand designs programme of which at the time for owners of project won awards for the build.

I have carried out thousands of re roofs weather the roof be pitched or flat with a high level of carpentry skills as well as brickwork.

 We also specialise in lead work repairs and total replacement. We can also take down,repair and re build chimneys. Brickwork repointing is

 also a speciality using a lime based mortar for listed/period buildings.

We also carry out total fascia and soffit replacements using u.p.v.c products wether it be white/black or wood effect in colour,

also guttering work is undertaken too.

Thank you for looking at my site and please don't hesitate to contact me on the following telephone numbers, 01483 427716 or 07756 527365.

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“Been well established for over 30 yrs Building our company name”

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